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ARM1c Arthur C. Miller Repatriated

Lauren Trecosta MIAs Accounted For, News 2 Comments

ARM1c Arthur C. Miller was accounted for by the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency. Project Recover identified his downed TBM Avenger in 2003 and is honored to play a vital role in his repatriation.  Project Recover humbly acknowledges ARM1c Arthur C. Miller’s service and sacrifice, as well as the enduring loss to his family. We are grateful and honored to play a vital role in bringing him home. The repatriation of ARM1c Miller helps resolve generational grief and awaken us to gratitude, hope, love, and unity. This is the legacy of our MIAs and their final mission. Keeping America’s Promise to bring our MIAs home is a mission for every American. ARM1c Arthur C. Miller ARM1c Arthur C. Miller was the …