Dan O'Brien inn front of cargo container with supplies bound for MIA Recovery Mission in Palau.

Packing for Palau MIA Recovery Mission

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Project Recover met with Legion Undersea Services to pack for our first MIA Recovery Mission in Palau later this year. Our team members who went to Florida to spend the weekend packing for Palau were: Dan O’Brien, Chief Financial Officer Harry Parker, Digital Asset Manager & Photographer Milt Douglas, Volunteer Adam Gray, Volunteer Legion Undersea Services principles were there to pack for the team: John Marsack, Co-Founder,  Nick Zaborski, Co-Founder Alex Tumaniszwili, Director of Diving Operations Let me begin by saying we are thrilled to embark on our first MIA Recovery Mission. Until recently, Project Recover focused exclusively on MIA Search Missions. In those missions, we search for underwater crash sites associated with MIAs. Once we find a crash site, …

The Science Behind the Search Article

The Science Behind the Search for MIAs

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An Interview with Mark Moline, Ph.D. Innovative science revolutionized Project Recover’s ability to find American MIAs and help bring them home. Project Recover partners and co-founders Mark Moline, Ph.D., Director of University of Delaware’s School of Marine Science and Policy, and Eric Terrill, Ph.D., Director of Coastal Observing Research and Development Center at Scripps Institution of Oceanography spearhead the science behind the search for MIAs.  For Mark Moline, the search for MIAs adds a human connection to his work as an oceanographer that makes it even more enticing than making a scientific discovery alone.  “Meeting the families, watching whole towns show up in the bitter cold to celebrate the young life of someone they didn’t know personally but know they …