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Project Recover Adds New Logo for 2020


June 17, 2020


Project Recover has a new logo representing its mission to bring MIAs home. 

“This new logo is simple, distinct, recognizable, meaningful, and has utility,” said Project Recover President Derek Abbey, Ph.D.

The logo, designed by Freeman Ryan Design in conjunction with Project Recover, is rich with symbolism. The red, white, and blue colors of the logo along with the stripes represent our nation. The horizontal stripes also represent the high-frequency side-scan sonar (SSS) pattern of sound waves as we survey the seafloor. This draws a connection to the science and cutting edge technology we implement to find our MIAs. 

The triangle within the stripes has multiple meanings as well. It is the shape of the folded flag bestowed to families when their Missing in Action (MIA) service member is brought home for burial at last. We hold a flag ceremony at every crash site we find for each MIA service member associated with the aircraft. The triangle also represents the shape of an aircraft vertical stabilizer drawing a connection to the aircraft we often search for in order to locate MIAs.

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The single star represents the fallen we search for and the Gold Star families we serve. Gold Star family is a designation given to a family who has lost a loved one in military service. 

The logo is already in place across Project Recover’s website and social media platforms.

Project Recover Logo
Project Recover Logo. Keeping America’s Promise to bring our MIAs home.

About Freeman Ryan Design 

Freeman Ryan Design creates exhibitions and visitor experiences that set new standards of innovation and design excellence. With extensive experience both within Australia and internationally, FRD develops design solutions that respond to the unique needs and qualities of each project.

FRD’s multi-disciplinary team offers a comprehensive service that embraces all stages of a project’s development and realization. This includes master planning, content development, design, production, and implementation. We are grateful to FRD for their work and assistance in creating this new logo.

About Project Recover

For more than a quarter-century, Project Recover has been searching for and locating Americans Missing in Action service members. What started as a grassroots effort conducting small scale missions in the jungles and waters of Palau, has grown into a worldwide mission that employs some of the most advanced science and technologies.

As noted in our 2019 Annual Report, in 2019, Project Recover executed 14 field missions to nine different countries. On these missions, we located and documented nine American aircraft associated with as many as 33 missing Americans. We have an expanding relationship with DPAA and, in 2021, look forward to conducting our first MIA recovery mission.

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  1. What a fantastic mission you are on. What could be more important than bringing all our brave servicemen home.
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