bent prop commits to world wide searhes

Bentprop Expands Worldwide


March 9, 2015


New bentprop project coin showing commitment of bentprop going world wide

The New Bentprop Project Coin showing commitment to carry mission and vision worldwide.

BentProp expands worldwide. The BentProp Project team made a formal commitment to expand its Vision and Mission beyond the Republic of Palau going world-wide. We put a great deal of thought into this because we recognize this is no small matter: after all, we have spent 22 years searching on land and underwater in Palau alone.

Our decision to proceed with this expansion is based on our belief that we can take on a global pursuit of Missing Americans because of the knowledge and experiences we have gained to date as well as because of our expanded composite expertise through our partnership with the SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography and University of Delaware College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment.

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We believe we are ready. To symbolize this change, we have revised our BentProp coin, as seen on the new challenge coin, to capture our process: Research, Search, Repatriate and Educate on a worldwide basis.

Thank you to all who have supported us through the years.

The Bentprop Project Team

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