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Military-friendly companies know National POW/MIA Recognition Day is one of the most important day of the year to show support for our fallen heroes.

Expressing gratitude in the workplace is beneficial to the employer and employee. We are human beings, after all. Expressing gratitude on a larger scale, like to our fallen heroes, cultivates a culture of gratitude on a smaller level, like in the workplace.

Showing To What Remains is a very simple, highly effective way saying 'thank you' together.

Join the growing list of companies, schools, and organizations that support Project Recover.

Join the growing list of companies, schools, and organizations that support Project Recover.

  • Sonoma Film Festival
  • Madison Missing in Action, Recovery, and Identification Project from at the University of Wisconsin
  • Army Navy Country Club
  • Alexandria Magazine
  • Pacific War Museum and Admiral Nimitz Foundation
  • Patriots Point & CMOHS
  • USS Midway Museum
  • Navy League National Convention
  • University of Illinois
  • GreenCastle Consulting - PA
  • Daughters of the American Revolution
  • Valor Tours
  • Bend Chamber of Commerce

The movie about Project Recover's MISSION

“To What Remains" is a stirring, feature-length documentary from Imperative Entertainment, ABRAMORAMA, and directed by Christopher Woods, that follows Project Recover’s search for the more than 80,000 Americans missing in action since World War II. 

Meet the MIAs and their families. Their service and enduring sacrifice are the motivation behind every mission.

Get to know Lt. R. R. Houle, the pilot of a TBM Avenger, and his great-nephew, Doug Berglund. Lt. Houle was Ensign George H. W. Bush’s commanding officer and good friend. George Bush always hoped he’d be able to help bring his friend home.

Catch the smile of ARM3c Walter Mintus, the radioman for Lt. Houle. His nephews, now in their 80’s still remember their “Uncle Bert '' with love and affection.

Meet SSgt. Jimmie Doyle and his son, Tommy, who dove on Dad’s crash site more than six decades later.  

To What Remains is a powerful testament to how one person’s commitment to ‘do the right thing’ motivates an ever-growing number of people who are motivated to do the same.

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Tommy Doyle

"It was an awakening," Tommy Doyle said sharing the experience of repatriating his father, SSgt Jimmie Doyle, after 65 years MIA.

Dennis Kelvie

"It felt like something magical was happening," said Dennis Kelvie describing how he felt when his uncle, Lt. William Punnell, was buried at  Arlington National Cemetery after 74 years MIA.

Richard Kozak

"It really strengthened my faith in miracles," Richard Kozak said when his uncle, ARM3c Walter Mintus, was buried in his hometown after 74 years MIA.

Roberta Waggoner

“My husband and I saw “To What Remains” last night. ….we again found ourselves in awe of the perseverance and dedication of all of the men and women involved in these missions.  “To What Remains” is an excellent film and we highly recommend it.” Roberta Waggoner


My fiancée and I saw the movie last night. Our fathers would be humbled by your efforts as we are. Yes, absolutely see the movie and donate as we shall. And we will be purchasing the DVD when available.” Linda

Jim Bussey

“Great piece of work and everyone should see it.  It is a potent reminder that "they were all children like your own." Jim Bussey

Michael Gorman

“Absolutely amazing!!! …on behalf of the family of Walter Mintus, we say once again… thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this impossible dream come true.” Michael Gorman

Host a Powerful Movie Event

Host your own Movie Event virtually or in person. With our hosting streaming service, you and/or your organization can help share the MAIs Final Mission experience through the new movie about Project Recover’s work, To What Remains.

Hosting To What Remains is as easy as 1-2-3.


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Host To What Remains and watch the magic of the MIAs Final Mission unfold.

Easy and FREE:
No setup fees, when selling tickets.

Connect with audience:
with a video meeting “Backstage” before and after the showing.

Boost Donations:
Keep a 40% of sales for your nonprofit and help bring more MIAs home, too. 

If hosting your own event sounds amazing our team will work with you to create a powerful partnership to benefit the families you serve and your own organization. Get access to our press kit with all the info and graphics you need to get started fast