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ARM1c Arthur C. Miller Repatriated


April 15, 2008


ARM1c Arthur C. Miller was accounted for by the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency. Project Recover identified his downed TBM Avenger in 2003 and is honored to play a vital role in the return of ARM1c Miller to his family.

Project Recover humbly acknowledges ARM1c Arthur C. Miller’s service and sacrifice, as well as the enduring loss to his family. We are grateful and honored to play a vital role in bringing him home. The repatriation of ARM1c Miller helps resolve generational grief and awaken us to gratitude, hope, love, and unity. This is the legacy of our MIAs and their final mission.

Keeping America’s Promise to bring our MIAs home is a mission for every American.

ARM1c Arthur C. Miller

ARM1c Arthur C. Miller was the gunner on a TBM Avenger piloted by ENS Donald E. Baxter. The Avenger launched off the USS Enterprise for a bombing mission over Peleliu airfield on Peleliu Island on September 13, 1944. The Avenger was hit by anti-aircraft fire on the steep approach to the airfield. 

The crash site was generally known but was not positively identified until Project Recover located a data plate with the TBM Avenger make and model on it, in 2003.

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DPAA (formerly JPAC) was unable to find any remains at that time. However, US forces visited the crash site after the Battle of Peleliu. US forces in 1947 visited the crash site after the Battle of Peleliu. They recovered remains in 1947 that they believed to be those of AOM2c Wesley R. Stuart, the ordnanceman on the Baxter Avenger.

The remains were given to AOM2c Stuart’s mother. Mrs. Stuart did not believe the remains were those of her son. She felt compassion for the man and the family to whom he did belong. For this reason, she accepted the remains and had them interred in the Stuart family mausoleum.

After DPAA completed a recovery mission at the crash site in 2005, and were unable to find any remains, the sister of Wesley Stuart decided to have the remains tested. She paid $11k for private DNA testing to identify the remains. Stuart’s mother had been correct. The remains were not those of her son. They were identified as belonging to ARM1C Arthur C. Miller.

The remains were returned to their rightful family. ARM1c Miller was buried the following month beside his mother in Poughkeepsie, NY. 

ARM1c Miller’s son and AOM2c Wesley R. Stuart’s sister are featured in Last Flight Home, a movie co-produced, co-directed. and co-written by Daniel T. O’Brien, Project Recover’s administrator / CFO.

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  2. I grew up in a multi generation family all living together. I was taught that we NEVER lock the doors because Edward (my Great-Uncle’s son who had been MIA in the Pacific Theatre) might come home and not be able to get into the house as we had moved to a new house and Edward did not have a key. When my Great-Uncle passed away, I the recipient of his “treasure chest” where he ket the few items that were Edward’s and really all he had to remember him by except for some faded photos. I discovered your web site a few years ago and hope that some day I see Edward’s name listed. Thank you for continuing your project.