Educational Initiative

Project Recover has always been committed to providing unique educational opportunities with real-world applications. With the global pandemic and education up-ended, we are more committed than ever to support our nation’s educational programs, schools, and students. If you are seeking a guest presenter for your online educational program, Project Recover may be able to help.

Most recently, Project Recover partnered with the Air Force Heritage Flight Foundation to teach more than 120 high school students aboard the USS Midway Museum. The Project Recover team and partners taught about the various career fields involved in bringing our MIAs home. The career fields explored focused largely on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields involved in the repatriation process. Those fields include forensic science, marine science, anthropology, and geospatial engineering. Scripps Institution of Oceanographer was present with speakers and a display of marine technology. 

Our longest-running educational initiative was with the Stockbridge High School Underwater Robotics Team. The team came on mission with Project Recover in Palau for four consecutive years from 2012-2015.

The team built a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to bring to Palau. They then used the ROV to help survey the seafloor in search of targets of interest. With Project Recover as their mentor, the team had a real-world educational experience that was life-changing.

Project Recover has a history partnered with educational institutions. Over the years, we have provided mentorship and supervision for undergraduate students from the US Naval Academy,  St. Louis University, and San Diego State University.

Other career fields were explored were history, photography, aviation, military, and even skydiving. The program emphasized leadership, teamwork, and pursuing one’s passion.

Project Recover partnered with the Air Force Heritage Flight Foundation to teach high school students aboard the USS Midway. We presented the education program to more than 100 High Tech High students in September 2019. Students were invited to attend the Miramar Air Show that weekend where the USAF F-16 demo team and Heritage Flight performed.

Heritage Flight Education Program