bentprop teammates jeff and charlie preforming last minute checks on sonar equipment before dive using technology for search recovery of MIA- Photo By Harry Parker Photography

Using Technology for Search and Recovery of MIA


March 14, 2018


February 25, 2018 Riviera Florida, Project Recover members train on sonar equipment for this year’s busy mission schedule, with Shark Marine educator and development technician, Ron Roberge. Technology for search recovery of MIA exponentially saves time and money while increasing team member commitments.

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Technology for search recovery of MIA

The high tech digital sonar and navigation devices bring the latest in underwater search and navigation to the front lines of MIA. search and recover. The handheld device allows a single operator to search for targets, plan a recon of known targets, and recording vital data points while utilizing the latest in scan sonar technologies.

Teammates used several days for classroom time and hands-on underwater experience to ring out as much knowledge and application possibilities as possible. Teams of two worked the system together, one as operator while the other as dive buddy assist.

“Learning new skill sets helps us all become more valuable in the field. The exercises are fun, rewarding, and help us all learn to work together better,” Harry Parker said.

The first day was a 12 hour plus cram session with two more days of application and evening debriefs. Everyone got to get their feet wet with navigation, sonar theory, and application while having fun in a less than stressful tropical environment.

The Blue Heron Bridge Scuba center was the perfect choice for training. Only steps away from the shot to the beach and water entry in up to 20 feet of water. A big time and money saver over open water boat training.

Learning Together

End result expectations for using the best in technology for search and recovery of MIA are; faster search capabilities while recording exact location, video, and still images providing more accurate data for above water analysis. 

“Working together as a team and as friends towards education and growth really helps keep us together and sharp in between mission deployments.” Team Leader Dan O’Brien said.

Using technology for search recovery of MIA comes with more than a hefty price tag. The underwater devices require maintenance and educated dedicated operators. Still, the benefits can be exponential when dealing with tight timelines, uncharted areas, and hazardous conditions. Utilizing the latest technology is another commitment to utilizing every resource available to do the job smarter, faster, and bring our MIA home.

Our last team training concentrated on survival and self-rescue. Check out the team training First Responder Course post where teammates learned about self-rescue possibilities while out to sea in far-off destinations around the globe.

A big thank you to Blue Heron Bridge Scuba for their support. Thank you for reading and your continued support in helping bring our boys home.

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