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Press Release: Movie “To What Remains”


December 7, 2021


To What Remains Film
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Project Recover is proud to announce the release of “To What Remains”, a movie from Imperative Entertainment, ABRAMORAMA, and directed by Christopher Woods about American MIAs and Project Recover’s mission to bring them home.

The movie is being released on December 7th, 2021.

Project Recover is grateful to Dan Friedkin, chairman and CEO of The Friedkin Group for his vision and commitment to help spread awareness about Project Recover’s mission; Imperative Entertainment for stitching hours of filming into this emotionally provocative, insightful, and inspiring documentary; and ABRAMORAMA for getting it into theaters.

We are also deeply grateful to our partners, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the University of Delaware who bring innovative technology to the mission, and to the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency who trusts us with this sacred mission.

Our deepest thanks and debt of gratitude goes to our MIAs and their families.

Project Recover: History

Project Recover began as Dr. Pat Scannon’s vision to bring American MIAs home from Palau in 1993. For years afterward, Scannon led a grassroots effort, formerly known as The BentProp Project, tirelessly searching the waters surrounding Palau for underwater WWII crash sites. Though they used the best strategies available at that time, they were still rudimentary, painstaking, and slow. 

In 2012, while on a mission in Palau, Pat had a chance meeting with two university professors, both oceanographers, on a research trip in Palau. Mark Moline, Ph.D., is the  Director of University of Delaware’s School of Marine Science and Policy, and Eric Terrill, Ph.D., is the Director of the Coastal Observation Research & Development Center at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego. 

It did not take the three long to realize the complementary nature of their missions. Using innovative technology, Project Recover could cover 10-20 times more than Pat and his team could in a single day. 

As Pat Scannon notes, “ About the time that we realized we were at the limit of our capabilities, we met the folks from Scripps and University of Delaware. Their technology changed everything.” 

Mark and Eric, for their part, were excited about integrating the human element with science in support of military families.

“There is a real transcendent moment when you do actually find the site. It is not only an objective; there is a lot of emotion behind it as well.” (Mark Moline)  

“It is rare in scientific research to be involved in activities that have direct personal impacts; our participation in this effort has been humbling,” said Eric Terrill.

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In 2014, Pat, Mark, and Eric informally conducted their first mission together. In that first mission, they found two WWII crash sites which led to the repatriation of three MIAs. BenProp formally changed its name to Project Recover in 2018.

Our MIAs: The Final Mission

When Project Recover first began, we thought bringing our MIAs home was the final mission. When Project Recover first began, we thought bringing our MIAs home was the final mission. We learned over time that our MIAs, even now, continue to serve us. Coming home is their final mission. 

When our  POW/MIA service members return home, they come home to a grateful nation. They also return to a country beset with challenges.

Our MIAs return as ethereal reminders of who we are as Americans and what our country stands for. They remind us that we can overcome vast, almost insurmountable challenges together.

When they are found and returned home, our MIAs provoke a collective sense of gratitude, love, unity, and hope — for who we are and what was sacrificed for this moment, and what we can accomplish together. They touch us without words, healing symptoms of ambiguous loss and generational grief that we often don’t even know we carry.

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  1. Time is Running out - Donate Today
  2. I am most likely the last living family member of Edward McDermott a member of the Army Aircorps who has been listed as MIA in the Pacific Theatre. His father was my Great Uncle (younger brother of my Paternal Grandmother). I have passed some of the memorabila that I received on to my neice who is in the Air Force. to try and continue his legacy. Thank you for continuing to recover remains of the KIA and MIA heroes.

  3. I have been aware of Bent Prop/Project Recover since 2014 when low and behold I had discovered that they had found parts of my cousin’s B-24. His entire crew had perished in a shootdown over Palau on 28 Aug 44. They searched for many years for other missing parts of the large plane. The promise of returning missing crewmembers is still a hope of our crew’s families. I have nothing but good things to say about these folks and the sacred mission that they are on, mostly on donations and out of pocket. Please donate, or at least see the movie. What a group of men and women!

  4. I’m going to see the film tomorrow. My Uncle Ora H. Sharninghouse, Jr. was found and returned to us. It was the most amazing and humbling experience of my life and I can’t thank the team enough! I’m so sorry for the loss of Mr. Scannon. He brought us much happiness and much needed closure. Thank you all so very much!!!

  5. My husband and I saw “To What Remains” last night. Even though we have been following the work of BentProp and now Project Recover for several years, after viewing the film, we again found ourselves in awe of the perseverance and dedication of all of the men and women involved in these missions. “To What Remains” is an excellent film and we highly recommend it.

  6. My fiancée and I saw the movie last night. We are fortunate in that both of our fathers survived WWII (Marines and Army Air Corps) and returned home. This movie was a powerful testament to our Country, our military and this incredible organization. Our fathers would be humbled by your efforts as we are.
    Yes, absolutely see the movie and donate as we shall. And we will be purchasing the DVD when available.

  7. WOW! This film is not only beautiful and entertaining to watch, but it’s a journey! The team has captured the process. The mix of harsh war stories blended with such peaceful & beautiful environment of finding answers from each story is incredible. They bring you along as they go on such a big undertaking that is purposeful and meaningful. Bringing answers to families that forever cement the loyalties and sacrifice their lost ones gave. This gives these families a profound change in their future, by knowing the complete story of their roots. Understanding what took place helps remove doubt & give confidence to the next generation. The photography, filming and entire mission is beautiful. What can be found is intriguing and interest! Bittersweet and fascinating. I give full credit & gratitude to each & every last member of the team that helps continue to pursue this honorable mission and share it with us! You are improving lives & changing history in a beautiful way. Thank you! If you haven’t seen this film yet, Do it! Share it!

    1. Post
  8. Thank you for what you do. My uncle, Randolph Mitchell Holder, was a Navy pilot aboard the USS Enterprise in WWII. As a member of Torpedo Squadron Six, he was lost at the Battle of Midway Island. Of the fourteen planes in this squadron that left Enterprise that day, only four returned. Randolph received the Navy Cross, a Purple Heart, and the Presidential Unit Citation for USS Enterprise. Two ships were named in his honor. I have the telegram his mother, my grandmother, received notifying her that he was missing in action. In his personnel file are copies of telegrams his mother sent to her congressmen and to the Secretary of the Navy when she hadn’t heard from him after Pearl Harbor and again after he was reported missing. My mother said her mother hoped that her son was a prisoner of war and would come home until she heard stories of the awful treatment the POWs suffered. A surviving member of Torpedo Squadron Six visited my grandmother after the war ended. Randolph was only 24 years old.

    1. Hello Ms.Bowen,
      Thank you for contacting Project Recover. On behalf of all Project Recover members, we wish to express our sympathies and gratitude as Americans for the ongoing loss of your uncle, Lieutenant(j.g.) Randolph Mitchell Holder. We gratefully acknowledge his sacrifice in defense of our country, as well as the consequent sacrifices made by you and your family to this day.
      Thank you for sharing your very touching family story!

  9. As a retired Army Nurse Corps Colonel, I am so appreciative of your dedication and obsession of finding our MIAs.

  10. This was very moving and well done. My grandfather served in the Air Force in the South Pacific during World War II. We were fortunate that he came home. I am glad to know Project recover is working to bring everyone home if possible.

  11. Project Recover is one of the most compelling and moving documentaries I have ever seen. Having worked with aviators for most of my active duty and reserve duty as an Intelligence Officer I found myself in tears as the movie demonstrates the impact on the families that this project achieves. This is such noble work and I am thrilled that this documentary has been made hopefully will achieve wide distribution as America needs to hear this message of dedication to the cause and the sacrifices our servicemen have made and continue to make each day on behalf of our citizenry. An extremely well done and long overdue documentary. Thank you to all who have contributed to this amazing Project!