Dr. Mark Moline of the University of Delaware

Mark Moline Discusses UDEL Partnership with BentProp, now Project Recover


January 1, 2014


Mark Moline Headshot
Dr. Mark Moline

Dr. Mark Moline is the Director of the School of Marine Science and Policy within the University of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment. Udel’s School of Marine Science and Policy, along with SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography, has been an informal partnership with Bentprop since 2012. The three formalized the partnership and co-founded Project Recover in 2016.

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Udel and SCRIPPS provide pivotal advanced technology to support the search for MIAs.At the same time, the project provides a test bed for developing underwater search technologies and methods, and is a platform for inspiring public interest in science and engineering.

In the video below, Dr. Mark Moline discusses Udel’s role in helping to locate lost heroes from World War II.

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