Honoring Our Heroes – Clifton, TX

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As we decorated the lobby with balloons and set up the memorial tables, the students were all on stage at the Clifton ISD Performing Arts Center, rehearsing the next day’s Honoring Our Heroes program that would be followed by a screening of To What Remains. All the while, heavy thunderstorms cracked and boomed above us as sheets of rain came down. I hadn’t seen a storm like this in years. It was just another rainy night for my local Clifton friends. We woke up the next morning to find that record flooding had closed all roads leading in and out of Clifton. No one could come or leave, and they weren’t sure when the water would begin to subside. Oh …

Team members search the forest

Washington State Mission

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On Sunday, May 26th, we woke up to some light Seattle rain showers and temps in the low 50s. After a quick breakfast at Corner Café, CEO Derek Abbey, COO Adrian De La Rosa, Dir. of Community & Donor Relations Michelle Abbey, and new Team Member MaryJane Harris, now fondly known as the Central Oregon Team, set off for the potential crash site of a WWII era plane. Mission information The call came in several months ago when someone had just learned of our work and reached out with a note that he had some information about a possible stateside site if we were interested.  He used to own a boat shop in the Pacific Northwest. He grew to know …