apply to join project recover's efforts to bring our MIA's home.

Interested in doing field work
or research with us?

If you’re interested in joining the Project Recover team, here’s a checklist of personal attributes that we look for, as an absolute minimum. If you honestly feel that you satisfy all of these basic requirements, feel free to move on to the next step:

First – You have read the Project Recover’s  Mission, Vision and Values Statement and unreservedly agree with everything in that document

  • You are very healthy, mentally and physically
  • You are flexible and handle change well
  • You appreciate travel as part of the exploration process
  • You can manage your own dietary needs successfully
  • You want to share who you are and what you know and value with other people
  • You want to know who people are and what they know and value
  • You can live with a reasonable appreciation of things as they are
  • You can start a day not knowing exactly where that day will lead you
  • You can start an hour not knowing exactly where that hour will lead you
  • You have some skills and attitudes that will enhance the group
    You maintain health in your use of alcohol, and have zero tolerance for illegal drug use
  • You will be respectful of our host countries, their cultures, their customs, and their religions at all times
  • You can endure traveling a long distance via multiple flights and immediately begin working with little time to adjust to new surroundings and climate
  • You are capable of hiking throughout the day over extreme terrain in exceptionally hot, humid conditions, while carrying a significant amount of equipment
  • You can hike where no trails exist and where lack of hydration can impair your health
  • Scuba certification is preferred, but not required
Still want to apply to join us? Please complete the following form:

You must send a link to video in this form, telling us, in two minutes and 45 seconds or less, why you want to join us; what you bring to the table and a little bit about you. We do not grade on technical merits, so feel free to make it as simple as a cell phone video. But do let your personality come through.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
Your submission will be reviewed by a team member, who will send you the following documents via email:
  • The application to join us. It is a Word document that you will be asked to print and fill out in its entirety then email and snail mail back to us.
  • A pre-deployment letter that Dr. Scannon sends out to everyone prior to a mission. It describes pretty well what you can expect on any given mission, and a little bit about the destination.

Once we receive your application, you will get a confirmation note. The application will be sent to the selection committee and if there are openings in the team for your skills, we will contact you for interviews. At least one of the interviews needs to be in person while all the others must be by video conference: FaceTime, Skype etc. You can expect to be contacted by multiple members of the committee.

The selection committee has several options. They can decide;

a) That you are not a good fit for the team;
b) That you are a good fit for the team but we have a full complement for the next mission; or
c) That you are a good fit for the team and should receive an offer to join us on the next mission.

No matter what our decision is, we will let you know.

Thanks for your interest!

The Team