Join The Mission To Bring Our MIAs Home

There are 70,000 World War II servicemen who are Missing In Action. Of those, 34,000 MIAs are potentially recoverable. We want to bring them home. We are not alone.

Your donation helps us help the United States keep a sacred promise to bring those who served home with dignity. We travel all over the world searching for downed World War II aircraft and the men who flew them -- to bring them home again.

The grief families withstood when their son, husband, father, uncle, or cousin was torn from their family is transformed to joy and gratitude when their family's MIA - as if by miracle - comes home again.

"A Man Is Not Dead Until He is Forgotten"

As if by divine fate, they come to us from the past, touch our hearts in the present, and shape a future they didn't live to enjoy.

The young men who liked pretty girls and fast cars when they left home are nothing less than the fabric that holds us together when they come home nearly a century later.

When you make a donation, you join a grateful nation working together to honor those who sacrificed their lives so we can live ours in freedom.

Not everyone can go slogging through the jungles of Palau or dive to depths of 100' searching for WWII artifacts and downed aircraft. We can all do our part to help bring them home.

Whether you fund a mission or offer a token of gratitude, your donation matters. It symbolizes our unity; a willingness to be a part of greater calling.

After all, the highest recognition we can give our World War II MIA heroes is to bring them home to their families and the land they gave their lives to protect.

Together, let us serve those who served as they served us -- with honor, valor, and duty -- and bring them home again.



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From the Heart

Richard Kozak

When I first heard about it (Walter Mintus remains coming home), I became very emotional. But I got to the point where I wanted to go to Empire state building and call out, "Uncle Bert coming home!"

Nephew to ARM3c Walter Mintus / (radioman, TBM Avenger - Located 2016)

James J. Nelson

When I asked Pat (Scannon, Project Recover president and co-founder) why he is doing this, his response moved me. He said, "I do it because it is the right thing to do."

Son of Major Quintus B. Nelson / (pilot, Corsair - Located 2003)

Ted Mikita

Assembling a crack team of explorers and divers, Pat Scannon’s BentProp organization (Project Recover) has located a multitude of other wrecks and helped the U.S. government recover several American airmen, heroes of the greatest generation, previously missing in action. There is no way to overstate the value that closure and rekindled history has to the next of kin, event generations removed.

Cousin to Herbert Farnam, Jr. / (Waist Gunner, B-24 Liberator - Located 1994)

Scott Althaus

In a day that sees our country divided by so much that pulls us apart, we have the special privilege of being at the center of something that brings Americans together.

Cousin once removed to 2nd Lt. Thomas Kelly, Jr / (Bombardier, Heaven Can Wait - Located 2017)

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Federal Tax I.D. #45-0512575. © 2019 Project Recover, a 501(c)(3) charity.. (since 2003)

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