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More than 400,000 US service members died during World War II, more than 50 million worldwide.

We remember our MIAs and join the nation in its sacred promise to bring them home.

From Palau to Italy and Kuwait to Alaska, our newsletter will take you around the world in search of our U.S. MIAs. Join us as we slog through the jungles, interact with foreign governments, dive one hundred feet World War II wrecks, negotiate with indigenous villages, interview elders, and eat fruit bat.

Get to know our Project Recover team. Like our followers, we are a diverse group: academic and adventurer, military and civilian, scientist and historian, men and women, young and old. Our team on location relies on experts in a variety of fields including archaeology, history, photography, geospatial engineering, and marine science. 

Learn more about our MIAs in the newsletter. They are inspiring and seem to come to life nearly a century after death, as though their real mission is yet to come.

Their families, our MIA families, are the bedrock of our mission. As they heal, we heal as a nation. Finding their family’s MIA is a momentous event. It is a catalyst that starts a wave of joy, hope, and love. Families reunite, communities gather, and a nation celebrates.

It is truly an incredible adventure and an honorable mission to bring home our MIAs. We’d love to have you join us. Subscribe to our newsletter at the top of the page.


MIA Families

MIA families are the bedrock of our mission. As they heal, the nation heals. Families reunite, communities come together, and a nation celebrates.


Science of Search

Follow our team as we travel around the world in search of our MIAs. Whether Kuwait, Italy, or Palau, our team of experts travels with one mission in mind: find our MIAs.


The Team

There is nothing more exciting than finding an aircraft or vessel and knowing this may be the beginning of MIA Families having their MIA returned to them at long last.

Brandi Doyle

“The benefit we have received from Project Recover is immeasurable.” (Brandi Doyle)

Adam Gray

“I want to do for other families what Project Recover has done for ours.” (Adam Gray)

Diane Christie

“The Project Recover people are humble, authentic, and liked meeting us as much as we liked meeting them.”  (Diane Christie)