Heaven Can Wait Family Reunion - Project Recover is committed to bringing the MIA home. Photos by Harry Parker Photography.com

Relatives of WWII B-24 Crew Gather For Heaven Can Wait ‘Family Reunion’

Heaven Can Wait Family Reunion On March 11, 1944, a World War II B-24 bomber called Heaven Can Wait came under anti-aircraft fire and crashed in the waters off Papua, New Guinea, killing all 11 crew members onboard. Seventy-four years later, on October 13th, 2018, relatives of the crew members gathered for a “family reunion” in Victoria, Minnesota. Using side-scanning …

veterans day 2017

Veterans Day Flag Ceremony

This video is a peek into the flag ceremonies held over discovered crash sites for the servicemen lost during WWII, Today we celebrate Veterans Day 2017

POW MIA Flag with American Flag touching flying high and proud.

National POW MIA Recognition Day

BentProp pauses to reflect on the past and the future for the team and it’s mission to bring back the MIA’s during National POW MIA Recognition Day.