2019 Annual Report – Flip Book

This is a Full Page Flip Book Presentation of our 2019 Annual Report. Click here for the PDF VERSION of our 2019 Project Recover Annual Report.

2019 Annual Report: Dedicated to Flip Colmer

Tragically, Project Recover lost a longtime member and Board of Directors member, Flip Colmer, on August 20, 2019. We dedicate the 2019 Annual Report to our dear friend, Flip.

The 2019 Annual Report documents Project Recover’s 14 field missions to nine countries around the globe. On these missions, Project Recover located and documented nine American aircraft associated with as many as 33 missing Americans.

  • Of note, Project Recover located with multiple partners, many for the first time, on our mission to bring MIAs home in 2019. We collaborated for the first time with Vulcan, Inc. Research Vessel Petrel which resulted in locating a World War II Navy Avenger associated with three MIAs.
  • As the 2019 Annual Report notes, sponsorships of Project Recover’s missions grew to include support from the National Navy SEAL Museum.
  • Lastly, in partnership with the Air Force Heritage Flight Foundation, Project Recover launched a formal multi-disciplinary education program for more than 120 high school students aboard the USS Midway Museum.

Project Recover Partnership

Project Recover is a partnership between the University of DelawareScripps Institution of Oceanography, and Project Recover.

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