2018 Annual Report – Flip Book

This is a Full Page Flip Book Presentation of our 2018 Annual Report. (Click here for the PDF VERSION of our 2018 Project Recover Annual Report.)

2018 Annual Report: Bringing Our Heroes Home

The 2018 Annual Report documents Project Recover’s missions exploring 26 cases in eight countries in the Pacific and European theaters, as well as the Persian Gulf. These cases are associated with 104 MIAs and 22 POWs.

  • The missions conducted by Project Recover resulted in the discovery and documentation of six aircraft crash sites and a section of a U.S. Destroyer associated with 70 MIAs.
  • The 2018 Annual Report also notes that Project Recover became an official 501(c)(3) entity, retiring the name The Bent Prop Project.
  • Project Recover is honored to have been invited and to have participated in three interment ceremonies of three repatriated World War II service members who were formerly Missing in Action.
  • It was our pleasure to meet the families of these heroes, share our journey of discoveries, express our gratitude, and impart the importance of their sacrifice to the next generations.

Project Recover Partnership

Project Recover is a partnership between the University of DelawareScripps Institution of Oceanography, and Project Recover.

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